Immersion Programs

Every Day Language — Engaging 7 Year Program

Children learn best when engaged and having fun. Every Day Language has a proven immersion program that will engage your child and inspire him or her to want to speak their second language. Our teachers inspire by providing examples on how and when the language could be used. We put the language to work with real life situations, explaining to the children how it could be used to improve communication in a typical school, vacation, or work setting.

  • Pre-K through 5th grade
  • Focus on the spoken language
  • Multi-disciplinary
  • Continuously evolving curriculum
  • Communicate – culture – connect

Every Day Language — Multi-disciplinary

The program focuses on various disciplines each month. This allows for an expansive vocabulary and attaches a fun learning experience with the vocabulary used in order to help retain the vocabulary. Here are some of the disciplines included in our program.

  • Culture
  • Science
  • Engineering
  • Technology
  • Arts and crafts
  • Theater
  • Nature
  • Community

Children are taught the language through natural processes, the way we all learn our first language.  We use a multi-disciplinary project approach for several reasons. First, it’s necessary to diversify and amplify the vocabulary the children are taught. Secondly, it keeps the children engaged in different activities, they always wonder what we are going to do next. Thirdly, every child responds differently to each discipline and we want to be sure that we introduce the language through a variety of interests. The hands-on approach also allows for a more relaxed and movement filled after school experience.

Dedicated Teachers

Every Day Language teachers are fluent and knowledgeable in the Spanish language, understand our focus, and create a positive learning environment for your children. Every Day Language teachers are required to:

  • Speak the target language the majority of class time
  • Care for your child with the utmost respect
  • Complete several hours of Indiana After School Network Academy
  • Attend our weekly webinar to insure consistency and collaboration in best practices

Every Day Language Summer Camps

If you don’t use it, you lose it! Don’t let that happen! Keep up your Spanish practice through the summer with our summer camp lessons!

Please check your school to see what programs are available for summer camp. If your school does not appear in the school menu at the top, please be sure to give us a call to learn how to get an Every Day Language Summer Camp started at your school.

Now is the time for a new beginning

Since we started sending our kids to Every Day Language, it has remained an anticipated part of our kids’ weekly routine.  They absolutely love the interactive, hands on and immersive method used.  We’ve noticed that they are always engaged and are much more open to conversation practice than before.  In almost two years, even after a full day at school, we’ve never heard our kids complain about having to go to Every Day Language.  They love it!

— Rafael

"One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way."

- Frank Smith
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