Creating confident, proficient Spanish speakers

Through a variety of fun, interactive activities, Every Day Language creates a language learning curriculum kids actually look forward to accomplishing. All of our instructors are fluent in the target language, and with before and after school programs, as well as summer camps, your children have year-round access to an immersive Spanish language environment.

Elizabeth Recio-Wentz

As the product of a diverse family heritage stemming from three different countries—two of which were Spanish-speaking, and one French—Every Day Language founder Elizabeth Recio-Wentz learned early on the value of being multi-lingual. Her first language, spoken at home, was Spanish. Her second was French, and she learned English once she started pre-school. This early immersion into three diverse tongues began a lifelong love of language which led her to her current path.

In college, Elizabeth strengthened her language skills by minoring in both Spanish and French, and grew to appreciate the ability to speak other languages once she began traveling extensively for work and leisure. For 18 years, she worked for a company that incrementally outsourced maintenance and engineering work to foreign countries. As a result, she heard many of her co-workers lament about not having taken the time to learn how to speak another language.

This prompted her to reflect on just how beneficial it was to have gained exposure to other cultures and languages early in life. Early childhood is the best time to learn these skills in order to capture the right accent, as well as to have a safe opportunity to practice the language. This, coupled with the increasing immigration into the United States and the increase in globalization efforts led Elizabeth to start Every Day Language. Her goal is to introduce a second language to children at an early age in order to prepare them for their future in this ever-changing world.

Say yes to new adventures

Since we started sending our kids to Every Day Language, it has remained an anticipated part of our kids’ weekly routine.  They absolutely love the interactive, hands on and immersive method used.  We’ve noticed that they are always engaged and are much more open to conversation practice than before.  In almost two years, even after a full day at school, we’ve never heard our kids complain about having to go to Every Day Language.  They love it!

— Rafael

"Learning a foreign language, and the culture that goes with it, is one of the most useful things we can do to broaden the empathy and imaginative sympathy and cultural outlook of children."

- Michael Gove
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